Katiediarmani Resident $10.00/Monthly Nov 1, 2022
Donnade Resident $10.00/Monthly Nov 4, 2022
Jcolter Resident $20.00/single donation Nov 4,2022
Denise C. $10.00/Single Donation Nov 9, 2022




Arallyn is hosted on Secondlife and we own the sims directly. The sims run on a cloud server for each sim. Members and supporters are the heart of the sims and help the burden of the high costs. We have launched a donation page in November 2022 to help with the high costs.

We are non-profit, so all donations go to the sims creation, operations, and development costs. Below are some of the costs and the funds we have put into the land.



Sim Purchases and monthly fees. (Are in USD). Billed to us by Linden Labs.

Arallyn: $259.00 + Tax of $16.19  (Total $275.19 Billed on the 6th of each month)

Arallyn 2: $259.00 + Tax of $16.19  (Total $275.19 Billed on the 24th of each month)

Monthly Sim cost Total: $550.38




Other initial and maintained costs vary and include:

System Coding Team initial creation cost: $850.00 (contract)

Website and database dedicated for and Aralife System($22.81/month)

Advertising Grid wide: (50.00-125.00/month)


Donations on the sim to the donation box in Linden help with purchasing items to improve the sim, provide gifts at events, and other direct Secondlife aspects. However they do not cover Sim costs monthly. We do not rent from others, meaning we are not dependent on their ability to keep their sim rentals up. Many rental sims are closing as owners cut back on them with more over 1200 expected to no longer rent via Linden payments by mid 2023. Many larger groups will require payment by paypal directly on a monthly subscription. The average rental cost for a 20k sim is expected to be around 360.00 USD and 30k sims 400.00 USD.

We own our sims directly and pay in USD directly to Linden Labs. Hopefully some day the monthly cost will drop. 

By donating to us directly, no money is lost. Cashing out Linden means over half of it is lost in value. With other fees even more. If you donate 5000 Linden which costs you around 22.00 or more to buy. It would only be worth 10.98 if we cashed it out to help cover sim payments. Donating directly insures your donation is fully valued (minus paypals little fee).



Single Donations: A donation at any time you feel generous. In the notes of any donation please include your SL account name so we can add you to the Donors board and website. Donations can be made from your paypal account or by credit/debit card. 

Monthly Donation Supporter:  An option you can check when you make a donation. This requires you have a paypal account so you can manage the donation. The donation amount will be donated monthly at the same time of the month for as long as you choose to continue it. Those supporters who donate 10.00 or more a month to help Arallyn also receive a free available home rental of their choice for as long as they are a monthly donator. The monthly Time for each month period will be added to your home rental terminal. Bonuses may be included with donations including extended days. Monthly Supporters  also receive gift packs and items throughout the year, including all special Aralife addons, gift cards and more. 



We are very grateful for all those who will be willing to make donations so we can continue the World of Arallyn and further developing new features on the sims. Your kindness helps awaken the mind and tell stories. 





  • Paypal is our donation account. Single donations can be made by paypal or credit cards by the authorized card holder. Monthly Donation supporters will need a free paypal account to Check the Monthly donation option and manage the monthly donation. You can discontinue monthly donations at any time.
  • Please include your SL account Name or the name you would like listed on our supporters page and on sim board. Place this in the notes area to us. 
  • Sim Owner Scott Diiorio and Kurt Wood maintain donations used to help cover sim costs.