Introduction video to the nine kingdoms featured in The World of Arallyn Roleplay. Draibruka, Syldarryn, Dollannyn, Fairdenveld, Hilgenveld, Callannyn, Kheled Mor, Drakhaan, Varmellyn, and the Southern Isles.


The Long Cold Winter

The heavy snows of winter have come early to Fairdenveld. This is a sign of a long hard winter ahead. The people of Fairdenveld must prepare, and the alliance can help. However the lower hills and others fear the deep cold could reach them later in the year. This could hamper some late season crops and production.




This video will show you the basic use of the Aralife system on our sims. This system features farming, cooking, crafting, mining, hunting and more. The system is updated often with new recipes, new production, as well as additions such as fishing and more. The system is created by us, and integrated into the sims. Maintained by our cloud servers and database.



Into the Shadowed Lands Quest Event  October 22, 2022

Following the battle in Fairdenveld, Lydrys appeared in a dark shadowed void. While he was unable to enter our world, he gave a warning of a return to come. The Eldar called a council gathering to share information. The Eldar Elf  Eida’Lorryn then asked for brave mortal volunteers to take on a task for the Eldar. The Eldar can not enter the enemies land without being detected, however mortals can. This video is the pre-mission video to gather volunteers to enter the enemy territory, fight their way the the ancient elven ruins, and place the orb.